Linton Polled Herefords is a commercially-focused family seedstock operation. We are dedicated to the production of seedstock that will add value to the herds of our customers and that will be a pleasure to own. Our goal has remained the same for over 35 years.

We run our cow herd much like our commercial customers, insisting that the cattle work for us and not vice versa. By selecting and raising cattle in this practical environment we produce seedstock designed and conditioned for the profitability of our customers.

Records have always been an integral part of our program. Carefully measuring the productivity of our cattle and using these records in selection and culling decisions enable us to do a better job of meeting our customers’ needs. These records are open to potential customers to assist them in making wise buying decisions.

We insist on moderate birth weights and easy calving cattle. Rapid early growth and moderate mature size also contribute to production efficiency. Since we are ultimately in the beef business and the industry continues to pay a significant premium for Choice carcasses, we select for carcass traits through the use of carcass ultrasound of all sale bulls and replacement females, and participation in the AHA’s Young Sire Test.

Minimizing labor inputs and enhancing cow herd longevity also contribute to efficiency and profitability. We insist on sound teats and udders in our cows, and cull ruthlessly for the other soundness traits. Docility is a trademark of our cattle.

Cows are bred both naturally and artificially to make use of the breed’s best genetics. We make heavy use of our own herd bulls, since they have been selected to meet the needs of our program, and also make judicious use of proven outside sires through A.I. after carefully researching their genetic merit. We use embryo transfer to enhance the genetic contribution of cows that have proven superior in our herd.